A few months ago, I had my first known experience with someone stealing one of my images.

Previously, I would post images an just put my logo in one of the lower corners. I placed it large enough that it could be seen, but not so big that it took away from the image.


Prior to this particular incident, I never had an issue with people using my images as profile picutes on social media. They always cropped in a way that the logo was still visible.

This individual (not one of my clients) took one of my images and cropped the image to purposly eliminate the logo. I could tell becusae the image a off center, just enough that you were not able to see the logo.

I reached out to the person and asked that they just adjust the crop. No response.

This experience pushed me to rethink how I post images on social media. I began to play with the placment, size and content of my logo.


I also tried this...


And this...


Although I was ensuring that if they wanted to crop the logo out, they would abstruct the image, I didn't really want that. After some more thought, I did one like this...


My followers loved it! I was surprised. Yes, it helped me protect my image, but did it infringe on the image? Those that I polled, all said no! So, now when we post via social media, this is what you will see.

My clients do not receive thier images like this. This set up is only for social media.

What do you think?

#rude #stealing #images #watermark #protection

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