I'm working on getting out and giving Tam D Photography (TDP) exposure. One way to assist in this is to be more visible myself.

I decided to attend a networking event in South Atlanta.


I'm glad I decided to attend the event. While I was there, I realized I DO NOT like meeting new people!

I was alright during the ice breaker activity. We were given partners to introduce ourselves to and tell them about our business. After a few minitues passed, we had to introduce our partner to the rest of the group. I was comfortable with all of that! But ohhhhhh... the next part....

After all the introductions and announcemnts were made, we were allowed to freely mingle. A moment came where I found myself not talking to anyone. I was standing there alone. I looked around and everyone had someone to dialogue with. I was ready to go! I had only spken with two other people in the room. There were a few others that as they were introduced, I wanted an opportunity to speak with. I relized I didn't want to have to initiate the conversation. That is what made me uncomfortable.

I considered leaving. Then I recalled a post I had seen that advised a person to do that exact thing they didn't want to do. I decided to stay and make sure that I spoke with every individual that I wanted to connect with.

I also decided that I need to practice being more outgoing. I will attend this event again next month, and make sure that I meet at least 3 new people.

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone will help me reveal opportunities that would have remained hidden.

#photography #entreprenuerer #female #atlanta #newbusiness #stretch #networking

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