Think Outside the Box

Often when people find out that I do photography, they automatically think I photograph weddings.


While being a wedding photographer can be very lucrative, it is not the only thing a photographer can capture in hopes of brining in income.

I specialize in event photography and will soon be adding other photography services as well.



Taking the road less traveled can definitely be a bonus in your favor.

Some events like birthday parties, people often say, "I/my family member can take pictures." The benefit of having a professional capture your event is that all of those involved can enjoy the event. They don't have to worry about making sure somone gets a picture of the cake before it was cut. With the professional, not only will you get the picture of the cake before it was cut, you will also get a picture of the birthday individual cutting the cake and their facial expressions while they were being sung to. Best of all, if you have a professional, you will get quality images!

Sometimes we have to educate our prospective clients on the value of our services.


Open your mind up to other possibilites. Where else can your service be used? Who else can benefit from your service?

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