Love is...

I decided to treat my past brides with an appreciation session! It was fun spending time with them and their husbands!

Israel and Tiffany are always fun! They were the first ones to trust me with their big day! If you have both of them in the same place, it is very evident that they cherish one another.


Stephan and Kalen are up next.


I love every interaction with them. They are great to know individually. When you get them together, smiles are something I can almost promise you will experience. The phrase “two peas in a pod,” is an understatement for these two.

Will and Toni.


This is a couple that you don’t want to overlook. Their individual talents and gifts go hand in hand with those of the other. I look forward to being in the group referred to as “the little people” in future acceptance speeches.

David and Tara knew me before I knew I liked cameras.


David was amazing enough to pull off a surprise wedding for his wife. She had absolutely no clue! That moment was precious. Above is one of my favorite images. Tara has a peace and a comfort that things are alright as she rests in the arms of her husband. While he is covering her, he makes sure she knows she is loved with a gentle kiss.

Many people are looking for love. If you are looking, do you really know what it looks like? Love is in each of the above images, however it looks different in each one. None of them are wrong. We have to know that our love, may not look like their love.

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