A Different World

My camera has led me into a wide variety of new experiences that I never predicted. One of my favorite surprises was attending the Phat Girl Fresh Life Styled by Maui Bigelow in Atlanta last year.

The experience started out as just a trip to support my blogger friend, Jay’l Harris, where I just happened to take my camera.

Shortly after arriving at the event, we were instructed to make a stop at the red carpet. I took a few pictures of Jay’l, Simply Vii, and Heather Johnson. (See final image)


Upon entering the venue, I was very impressed at the set up. She had turned the location into a catwalk. Each model would travel the floor showcasing their talent and the works of amazing clothing designers.

I appreciated the uniqueness of each participant. Each model walked the path with amazing confidence.


This was my first time shooting a fashion show. Truly enjoyed myself. Maui presented a balanced variety of model personalities as well as fashion designs. She provided a variety of people with an amazing opportunity for exposure.


The event was to celebrate a milestone in her accomplishments, but she didn’t acknowledge her accomplishment on by taking the spotlight for herself. She shared the evening by giving others a chance to shine.


While attending this event, I found another way to enjoy my camera. Prior to this night, I never thought about taking pictures at a fashion show. Many of the models reached out to me after images were released. They let me know they liked what I captured.


Attending this event helped me to realize that it is not only okay to step out of the box of comfort, but it is necessary. It is necessary to go new places and do new things.


When you find purpose, you have to allow it to push your growth. You have to trust that it will lead you in the right direction at the right time.


I hope to be able to attend the event again this year. Tickets are already available for the event later this year. Visit http://www.eventbrite.com/e/phat-girl-fresh-presents-life-styled-2015-tickets-15133977133?aff=efbevent. To learn more about Maui Bigelow and Phat Girl Fresh, visit http://phatgirlfresh.com/.


For more information about Jay’l visit http://www.phatskinnychic.com/.

For more information about Simply Vii visit www.MomLifeChronicles.blogspot.com

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