Spirit and Lens (Church Edition, Vol. 1)

This past weekend was a great one for us at Tam D Photography! I taught our first workshop, entitled Spirit and Lens Church Edition, Volume 1. It was in Smyrna, GA at Brawner Hall, which is in the Metro Atlanta area.


We were only 3 seats away from being sold out!!

This workshop was an intro to photography for those serving in the church with their camera.

The Spirit and Lens Church Edition, Volume 1 covered the basics of serving the Kingdom through your camera lens. We explored what makes an image "better", how to prepare to serve, and execution.

Attendees were exposed to various images. We discussed each image, its contents and the thought behind the shot.



We discussed our different experiences of serving in our congregations.

We are planning for more Spirit and Lens workshops in the future.

Some of the upcoming editions include Youth and Portrait editions.

Those that attended the workshop left with access to an exclusive network of other photographers, where they are able to view and share images with one another.


Supporters of Spirit and Lens have the opportunity to purchase t-shirts for $20.00. Visit the following link to purchase a t-shirt http://mkt.com/nuvizion/spirit-and-lens-t-shirt.

It is also possible to have the workshop come to your church. If you would like to have The Spirit and Lens come to you, please email us at spirit.lens@tamdphotography.com.

Special Thanks to: The Faith Center of Tucker, Ga and Tabernacle of Praise of McDonough, Ga for investing in your servant leaders. Mount of Transfiguration of Opelika, Al and Cathedral of Faith Church of God in Christ of Atlanta, Ga also had leaders in attendance.

Special acknowledgment to Whitney. Whitney drove over 2 hours to attend the workshop!

Photo Credit: All images in this post are from Tam D Youth photographer in training, Brandon Turner.

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